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Browser Blues

I have been a Firefox user since it first appeared so was saddened to hear that it was changing to become a Chrome Clone. Just as Opera had lost it’s unique features, Firefox has also lost it’s best features that set it apart from the rest.

I resisted downgrading to the new version for some time, trying out Pale Moon and Waterfox browsers. However, the fact that they can’t spell things in English is frustrating. Installing Language packs doesn’t remove the American spellings. Considering that Waterfox was an Englishman’s creation, I found this very frustrating. However, they both have redeeming features as they can run most of the old extensions that I use.

I had Firefox blocked from the Internet for some time and just used it to view the maff files I had created. However, Palemoone also has that feature, so now I have decided to bite the bullet, install the poorer versions on Firefox and use the others to save.view maff files or do the things that FF can’t do any more.

I have a mobile version of FF too, but my word it’s slow. So I have have other ones installed there, Opera, which frustratingly insists on using it’s own start page and Waterfox are both installed. I really hate withy a passion the directions that Mozilla are taking FF.

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