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I went to a funeral yesterday of a friend of mine.  In many ways I felt he was like an uncle to me.  At a very difficult time he allowed me to use a room in his shop as a little studio where I could write, record, practice and give the odd guitar lesson.  In return I would watch the shop if he went out and no one else was there and keep his catalogues for the karaoke discs he sold up to date. I am eternally grateful for his support and friendship.  He was 67 and died suddenly on the gold course.

The turn out was amazing.  No room inside for all the people who attended.  As I don’t live in the area any more I found out via a telephone call from my mother. His daughter died a little while ago from breast cancer.  So that was another shock. My last memory of her is singing and tap dancing with her daughter at her dads 60th birthday.  Then I see his brother, wheelchair bound and looking very frail.  Apparently arthritis put an end to his playing days and very shortly after retiring he went downhill and was in a nursing home within weeks.  Very sad.

I hadn’t seen my friend for a while.  Visits home just don’t seem to have enough time as I am usually spending the time with my daughter.  There have been times that I have told myself that I must pop round.  The last time I saw him was in the shop he and his brother ran and had just sold to the young man who used to work for him.  A couple of other times I had seen him out side his house and had a chat for a while.

We can’t take our time on Earth for granted.  It’s impossible to see everyone all the time, but staying in touch is so important. This has added a different perspective on things. The saddest thing though, is that he and his family didn’t have the gospel. “Until death us do part” is their lot at this moment in time.  As a couple so clearly devoted to one another how I wish that theirs could be a marriage for eternity. As my friend now enters the spirit world and gets taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, my prayer is that firstly he will accept it, and secondly that some day his family will also so that they can be such a family.

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