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The British Pageant

On the 1st of August, My wife and I travelled up to Chorley to see the British Pageant.  I have to confess that I wasn’t really bothered one way or another when I heard the announcement about it.  However, we took a couple of days up in Lancashire, saw the show and had Friday and Saturday to see some sites and visit friends.

The show was spectacular and the spirit was so strong there.  I would have paid money for such an experience it was that good. It was a definite reminder of the sacrifice made buy thousands of early British Saints who through faith gave up their lands to sail across the seas to the Americas, and, of course, the missionaries who first came over to this green isle to spread the good news. To think that this land once had all the quorum of the twelve apostles of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ here at one time is just amazing.

It also is clear that the sacrifices that we are asked to make today are so little in comparison. I feel sad for those who elected not to go, sorry for those who wanted to go and were unable to make it and overjoyed that we managed to see it.  The weather was good – too good until the doors and sides were closed up to allow the cooling system to work properly – it was absolutely baking in there prior to this..  A picture of the portable hall will be posted here in due time.

A fantastic, spiritually uplifting evening and a real testimony strengthener and builder.

We visited Downham on Friday.  Found a camera left on the bench of the church.  I left it inside the church with a note in the visitor book.  I suspect I should have popped the card into my little netbook to see if there was an EXIF data on the pictures.  As it was a smaller digital, I am not sure what information is contained in the images.   I can’t help but wondering if the camera belonged to another LDS member visiting the area because of the pageant.  We then drove down to Stockport across the lovely Lancashire countryside to see our friend and visit a museum on the Saturday.






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