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Having got fed up with Ryan Air, we started to use Aer Lingus for our travels over to Ireland.  We have never before  actually had our luggage weighed, unless staying for a longer period and taking extra baggage.  However our most recent trip we did.  We presumed from this that maybe the plain was full.  However this was not the case.  There were 73 passengers.  Now I know that not everyone would have paid the same for the flight, but some would no doubt have taken the £0 offer that was on.  How can a flight make money when fairs are so cheap (we paid about £19 each way).  Surely better to try and fill the plain for a reasonable cost.

Aer Lingus may be facing industrial action which would be a shame.  It is such a better flight experience than Ryan Air.  Staff are pleasant and bend over backwards to help.  They are also cheaper than Ryan Air by the time the extras are added on!!

My fear is that in the need to make money they shall go the same way as Ryan Air, charging for each possible extra, baggage check in etc.  I hope not as we enjoy the experience of flying with them.  And this from someone that doesn’t actually like flying!!

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