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Post men (and women)

I have a question for Royal Mail.  Do they regularly conduct reading tests for those who deliver the mail?  Do they check that temporary staff can actually read?  The reason for this question is simple.  I had three envelopes delivered through my door today; each one was for someone not at my place of abode.  There was a significant difference of house number, 17 to be precise, so it’s not that these have become mixed up with a neighbour.  Thirdly, and the real give away, the street wasn’t even the correct one.  Obviously the deliverer of this morning’s mail is either illiterate, couldn’t care less or had a few too many to drink last night.  Or maybe all three!

The worrying thing is, has mail intended for my address gone elsewhere?

I shall present the envelopes to him tomorrow (and hope it’s the same one) and request them to be delivered to the correct person, house and street.

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