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Recent driving experiences

I haven’t made mention lately if anything really.  But there have been some interesting experiences on the local roads lately.
Firstly as a pelican crossing, the lights had changed and I was pulling of when a young fool decided to try and run across the crossing…   At a large and busy roundabout that has just been kitted out with traffic lights I had a similar experience with a lad on a bike (of the man powered variety) and someone trying to cross on foot as the lights had closed.  Shame we don’t have this action as illegal here, maybe a few jay walkers getting fined would be a good thing.  But there are no resources to police it.

We have young lads riding these small motor bikes riding around our area.  We were on the way out when we saw one turning into the road we were exiting.  No helmet, no looking, no indicators and no road sense.  He came round us on our left.  Today I saw him pushing it in the snow so he will no doubt try and ride it later.  What are the parents thinking?  If they have an accident, who will pay for it?  They aren’t going to be insured or even have road tax.

As usual there have been cars not indicating when turning.  I saw a car that is supposed to teach people how to drive jump the traffic lights recently.  No wonder that is a common occurrence around these parts!

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