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Windows “Geniune Advantage” tool…

I have been running Windows 7 on my dual core machine for a while (2 installs and three grace period extensions) to have a play.  As I have now built a PC specifically for W7 and 64 Studio I decided to pop XP back on so that I could use some of the software that I can’t on 7. I may even pop Vista back on a small portion just so it’s there if I need to delve into it for a fix for someone.  Happily I created a disc image before I wiped it, so reinstalling it wasn’t too much of a pain, although I did choose to go to a relatively bare state, so updates were needed..  Of course then there was the WGA tool that needed to be installed (again) and how much of a benefit that it is to us users.  No.  It’s of no benefit at all to us.  I know that this version of XP is genuine, I have a sticker (although I never did get round to actually sticking it on my box) and the receipt from a reputable dealer.  It’s just another unnecessary little piece of software (even malware -as it’s reporting home) that is an advantage to Microsoft.  I would have installed Linux, but sadly the motherboard in that box just doesn’t like it at all.  Shame on you Foxconn.  I won’t buy another board from you again!!!

Amongst other things, I am fond of Wordperfect suite.  I bought a student edition (Version 8) uhum  number of years ago and frankly I still use it now and then.  It’s not happy on Vista and 7 though.  I won’t upgrade because there is the wonderful Openoffice, but it’s interesting to see features in WP8 that were apparently highly revolutionary on MS Office 2000..  Yep, late again to the party with a number of improvements from the 97 version that were already available elsewhere.

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