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Open Source

I am a big fan of Open Source software.  Not just because it’s free, but because the quality of such software is getting better and better.  Not everyone may have heard of OpenOffice, but if only a fraction of people use more than 10-15 percent of Microsoft Office, why spend money on that when there is a very good office suite for free that will do for 90% of the population.  I am getting to grips with Scribus (DTP software) too at the moment and have used a number of OS software titles for many years now.  My plan is to produce some booklets (or a book) to promote the use of such software.

Another thought, if colleges switched to using OpenOffice (or Star Office in order to get some support) for most students, as they could get free copies, it would reduce the market for pirated software.  Of course, they could still have a suite with MS Office installed, but for training specifically on that software.  The money that they would save would be phenomenal.

I will post some links to great software soon.

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